Amanda Fox

Illustrator, Graphic Artist




Some of my favorite projects from the last decade of Deluxe.

The Kitchen Sink


A few favorite freelance projects. A mixed nuts sort of gallery.

Fine Art


Personal works of art. Mostly done in ink and oils.

About me

Hey, Hi, Hello! I'm Amanda Fox and I'm a designer living in Oakland California. I work full time for an agency in San Francisco now but the majority of my work has been made over the last decade for the skateboarding industry where I illustrated the visual equivalents of fart jokes for decks, wheels, trucks, apparel, packaging, and media content.

That's 25% joke and 75% not joke.

Off the clock, I make fine arts illustrations and paintings. I also do a fair bit of freelance design if you can pry me off my bike or drag me out of a tent in the woods.

If you like what I do and are interested in commissioning me for something don't hesitate to drop me a line by using the contact form below.


If you'd like to contact me please shoot me an e-mail or if you prefer social networks, I respond to instagram and LinkedIn messages pretty fast.